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C55 Coconut Tart Wax for Wax melts

$24.95 $19.95
45 lb
(2) 45lb Cases

Due to low demand for this wax, we will be delisting it until further notice. Discontinuation allows room for new products, i.e more amazing fragrances! Sale good until sold out!

Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax is a specially formulated blend, specifically designed as a cube wax. It has characteristics that enable it to carry high fragrance loads. This formulation exhibits an excellent throw. It is also smooth and creamy and will exhibit color well. 

This tart wax also has a very small amount of refined food grade paraffin wax to help with wax performance. 

* This wax was not designed to be used in containers

Max fragrance load: 10% 
Melt Point: 125- 130 F

Heat to 200 -210 F

Mix in Fragrance immediately, pour between 165-170

Note: Pour temp is determined by the material you are pouring into. Clamshells usually have a recommended pour temp around 145-170. Please see your clamshell vendor's product description for exact heat tolerance. You can pour at 170 and above in silicone.

Curing: recommend 1 week

This wax comes in slab form in 5 lb increments (weight is approximate). It is easy to cut with a soap/wax cutter or a regular knife.

Sourced directly from the  manufacturer CALWAX who is the trademark owner. Blend created with FDA approved waxes. Maryland Wax Club cannot change the formula for this wax as we are not the trademark owners and do not own the formula. If we ever switch sources we will make an announcement.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Great customer service and very easy to get the items. I just started using it so waiting for my wax melts to cure but CT is good.


I love Maryland wax club I’ve been a customer since they opened their website. Fast shipping will be order more Coconut 55 soon. Love this wax I’m happy I caught this sale. Will be ordering more soon to stock up!😊💯


Exceptional products! I’m in the testing phase, but like C55 so far. I also love that this is a veteran owned company that supports veteran makers & families. Will definitely continue to order from MWC!

Guinevere G.
Love it!

I love the wax from maryland wax club. The wax always seems fresher and shipping is fast too

Gina B.
Best Tart Wax Ever!!!

If you're thinking about it, just go ahead a buy it! :) This is the best tart wax. I promise you won't be disappointed. It's easy to work with. Great ht every time. The wax itself is bright white which I love!!