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Why Try Our Fragrance Oils?

The bottom line up front:  We develop fragrance oils with the sole purpose of helping our customers sell more candles. 

Welcome to M Wax Club! Get cozy as I share with you why you should take the leap and try some of our best selling oils.

As a candlemaker, I made it my mission to focus on all the pain points and frustrations common to most candlemakers looking for great scents.

Some of those problems were great smelling oils that did not emit enough scent when burning in the candle (hot throw), oils that smelled like every other vendor at the craft market, oils that didn't smell like the candles I would come across in Homegoods, Nordstrom or Pottery Barn.

As a maker, I wasn't sure why I couldn't find oils that smelled complex and upscale without paying an arm and a leg, but after tons of education, research and partnerships in the fragrance industry, I can proudly say that I think we have addressed all of those problems with our exclusive selection of oils.

Our mission seamlessly culminated into the foundations of our value stack.

We had to be different, we had to offer quality and we had to focus on delivering high end, beautiful oils that perform.

With a focus on our customers, everything else fell in to place.

Our fragrance offerings are unique, complex symphonies that focus on telling a story instead of just smelling like isolated ingredients. They give beginners the confidence they need to continue testing and they offer reliability and competitive edge to longtime candle and cosmetics makers alike.

How We Decide Which Fragrance Oils to Carry.

Our criteria for selecting oils is simple. If the fragrance doesn't spark curiosity, intrigue or make you do a double take. It simply doesn’t get listed in our catalog.

As the fragrance visionary for MWC, I work with a select group of creative perfumers who come from varying backgrounds and are some of the best in the business!

For the oils that I personally commission, our interaction usually starts with an idea or an experience that I want to bring to life. We then go back and forth on the ingredients and iterations which can take months.

Our Patchouli Cocoa Labdanum actually took a year to complete. For other compositions, I start with two notes that I think would smell wonderful together and the perfumers take it from there.

Our perfumers have come to accept that I am very selective. I am selective because our customer base is selective, they don't go for average. I choose oils that I connect with, oils that I can advocate for. I never select oils that I do not like for the sake of mass appeal. This partnership works as it ultimately delivers a superb product for our customers.

I want you to trust that every single oil you find on this website is an oil that I would list in my own signature collection.

We Understand Your Pain!

With so many offerings on the market, consumers are overwhelmed with boring scents. Your brand can't stand out with boring, your candles have to be above average.

So, if you have ever imagined using oils that not only smell amazing but perform in wax. You are in the right place to make that dream a reality.

I know that you have experienced a time where you fell in love with a fragrance oil but it just didn’t perform in anything you put in it. Ugghh! Is what you said to yourself.

We've all been there! It's frustrating, I know, I know. That very problem was a pet peeve of mine, which is why my focus is where it is.

Every single scent is tested by a professional candlemaker for cold and hot throw. Why? Because who cares if a fragrance is out of this world amazing oob if it doesn't perform in wax.

The bottom line is, we are meticulous in our selection process because we understand what it takes to make a quality candle. We are only here to offer value to you! Our customers.

Ready to see for yourself?  Add some of our 2 oz samples to your cart. I suggest starting with our Best Sellers.

Time is money, so stop fighting with low-grade ingredients and level up your brand.

Peace and light to you.