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Stabillo KST formerly known as CDN is a flat braided cotton wick with a special paper filament thread. It provides a slow even burn due to how it curls itself into the flame. CDNs can be considered the cousin's of CD wicks as they are identical except for the curl so if you are having issues with CD wicks give CDN a try in the same size to see if that helps.

Our CDN wicks are coated in high melt point wax to ensure a more stable burn and to prevent the wick from flopping over.


LX Wick is a coreless flat braided wick with self trimming features; the wick slightly curls into the flame to create a more efficient, tighter controlled burn. This wick was designed to reduce soot, mushrooming and after glow. The wick is stabilized by rigid structure threads, ensuring easy pouring.

How to Use The Wick Guide

1. Find the diameter of your Jar
2. Navigate to the wick table/chart below and find the corresponding range
3. Select the wick size you would like to start with.

For example, your vessel is 2.9inches, you navigate to the table/chart and find the range 2.85" -3" which recommends CDN7 and 8. You would select CDN 8 since your jar is closer to the top of the range than to 2.85"

Tip: common practice is test your selected size as well as one size up and one size down which essentially means you would be pouring 3 test candles.

If you will be testing alot of fragrances this might get costly so you might want to consider wickless testing.

Wickless testing involves pouring one or two candles with no affixed wick and then inserting the wick after the candle is cured and you are ready to test. Pouring without a wick allows for easy wick change out if your selected wick does not work.Β 

* Use a tooth pick or something similar to make a hole in the middle of the candle to insert the wick.

Please allow the candle to reset for at least 5 hours before testing again after wick change out.

Happy Testing!!

***The guide above is a starting point, variables such as fragrance load, container thickness or reflective material will affect sizing. Recommend re-testing if any variable in your candle changes i.e FO load or type, dye, jar.

Triple wick anything above 4.5 -5 ". This guide based on Coco wax testing in containers. Wick up for Soy.

Cdn wick guide