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Making a profit is ok but thats not what drives us. The opportunity to help others does. We are working to help those in our community live better lives by using some of the profit we make to make their lives more comfortable.

Philanthropy is very important to us at Maryland Wax Club and we realize that for people to be truly impacted it's best to start local.

The causes that are closest to our hearts are efforts that help give access to FREE grief support to kids in the local DMV area.

These efforts are important to me because I can identify with the havoc and devastation losing a parent can cause. Losing a parent or a loved one can be hard but it's definitely harder for the little ones and young teens.

In late 2021, I had to pause Maryland Wax Club for an emergency overseas trip. I didn't share at the time but that trip was to bury my Dad who passed from COVID in Jamaica. The passing of my Dad shattered my soul but I continued.

Through my healing journey, I thought of how damaging grief was to me and how much more damaging it would have been if I were younger. I wondered who was thinking of kids who lost their parents or a loved one and had no access to professional grief support. That thought led me to Roberta's House, a family grief support center in Maryland.

Roberta's House is Based out of Baltimore, with a campus in PG county, they are a 501(c) 3, community based non-profit and the owner Annette March Grier was recognized as a CNN Hero in 2015.

When I read that they focused on helping kids with grief, my heart melted ❤️ and when I read that they used arts and craft to help with grief as well, my heart double melted ❤️❤️.

This Summer we have decided to give to a wonderful charity named Roberta's House and we encourage you to give if you can.

Snippet from
"Roberta’s House is a Grief and Loss Center with the focus of restoring children and families to a place of wholeness as they experience grieving the loss of a loved one through the development of healthy coping skills that lead to positive outcomes.

The core Value of Roberta’s House is HOPE; Honoring the memory of those who have died by Offering opportunities to learn Positive and Empowering grief experiences. Roberta’s House is a family-centered and volunteer-driven program where services are provided at no cost to the families. Our services are available to the whole community with opportunities for Volunteer training, school support, professional seminars and workshops and bereavement ministry support and development."

Join me today in making a $1 or more donation. Your donation will go towards grief support for kids and for Art Supplies. Give more if you can. If everyone who reads this gives a dollar, it will make an impact 🖤. Thank you in advance.

Click To Donate To Roberta's House

WHERE AND HOW TO DONATE: From the home page (link above), select "give today", scroll down the "general donation" section or any of the other sections that interest you. To give a dollar ($1) or a custom amount, select "other" and input the amount you wish to give.

Sending hugs and good vibes to those who lost a parent or someone they were super close to 🤗 🖤.

All summer long a portion of our proceeds will go to Roberta's House. We hope to make this a long term effort.

- Mika