C55 wax melt wax on Clearance, Click here to Shop. Current Processing Times 2-3 days |Professional Ingredients | Shipping US & CA | Stand Out From The Crowd! C55 wax melt wax on Clearance, Click here to Shop. Current Processing Times 2-3days | Professional Ingredients | Shipping US & CA | Stand Out From The Crowd!


Hi, I'm Mika, fragrance visionary and founder of Maryland Wax Club. I'm a candle maker turned craft supply distributor based out of the DMV metro(DC, MD,VA). My mission is simple, offer earth friendly waxes, wicks, fragrance and other candle making ingredients that provide consistent results to candlemakers of all skill levels.

Our main mission is to help our customers enhance their bottom line by providing access to a local candle making supply in the DMV. And we are happy to announce that we are the first candle supply store to open in the DMV metro and one of a few black owned candle supply stores in the entire industry. We are also members of the National Candle Association, a great resource for candle industry information and guidance.

My passion for candle making gave me unique insight in to my customer's needs and a strong appreciation for quality ingredients. There are a lot of makers out there who struggle with making great candles and to be honest, the same saying that goes for computer analytics applies here "garbage in garbage out".

A quality candle must start with quality raw materials. Candle making takes patience but working with inferior ingredients makes the process harder than it needs to be. This is why it was important to me to provide access to luxury grade raw ingredients to an underserved market.

We are built on values of trust and ethics and are fully committed to seeing you win. We promise to treat all of our customers fairly and go out of our way to ensure that you have the best front and back end buying experience.

We love working and partnering with fellow makers. We offer troubleshooting help for waxes purchased from us so feel free to drop us a line if you need help.

We are primarily an online retailer with headquarters in Prince George's County Maryland, shipping nationwide. Although we have no store front, we arrange convenient pick up options near 20774 by appointment. Please see our pick up page under the info tab for details.

I am happy that you found us and hope this is the start of a great supplier-maker relationship.

Thanks in advance for supporting us.

 To read about how we give back to the community, click here. Giving Back makes my heart smile.

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