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Patchouli | Cocoa | Labdanum Fragrance Oil


Intoxicating, alluring and sexy. Patchouli, Cocoa dust and labdanum creates magic and gifts you the fragrance oil you never knew you needed. This scent evolves in wax so you will have to walk on faith and trust me with this one. The out of the bottle experience is misleading so you will have to put it in wax, let it cure and burn it. The cold throw will intrigue you and the hot throw will hold you close and never let go. It's a beautiful scent.

Experience the perfect blend of seductive aromas with Patchouli | Cocoa | Labdanum. Let mysterious labdanum and exotic Indian sandalwood tantalize your senses, while the deliciously sweet cocoa notes and musky citrus keep you hooked! Grown and sexy vibes will capture your heart.


Mika's notes: This is the scent that almost made me cry (old Instagram post). I had a vision and the way how this scent burns just really amazed me at how it created the exact vibe I was going for, every note speaks while not competing. This scent is definitely a mood. For me that mood was a dark speak easy bar in New Orleans with some jazz instruments in the background and a lead singer who had a voice that could rival Sasha Fierce (Beyonce),  the stage was flanked by people dancing dripping with sweat. This scent is something else....whew. THAT WAS MY VISION BUT LET THIS SCENT SPEAK TO YOU AND BECOME YOUR OWN THING. Only for use in candles. 

Fragrance notes:

Top: Lavender, Apple, Citrus

Mid: Jasmine

Base: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla, Labdanum, Cocoa

Flash Point 201°


Candle: Yes, 8-10%

Lotion: No

Perfume: No

Soap: No

Diffuser: No

Note on usage section: This section is based on the ifra first then expected performance for a particular product. The usage section is meant to indicate whether the oil will perform at the amount that is customary for the product and is not too close to the ifra max.

For example, if the ifra max fir lotion is 3%, we won't recommend use in lotion as the max is too close to the 1-2% customary for lotion. We are conservative regarding skin irritation.

Another example is perfume; we may list the usage as NO even though there is an amount on the ifra. If the amount on the ifra is lower than 15%, more than likely the perfume will not perform. Yes, you can still use the oil but you would not be able to go over the ifra maximum.

Curing time: 1-2 weeks

Storage and Safety Precautions

Store in a cool dark place.

Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Wear protective gear when handling.

Keep away from open flames.

Do not ingest fragrance oil.

* Designed for use in candles, please check max fragrance load of your wax before using. 

Not approved for use in gel candles* 

Please test all products before selling to consumers.

All fragrances sold by Maryland Wax Club are uncut, phthalate and paraben free.


*** Shipping Note for fragrances Only: Unfortunately we do not offer shipping via Air or freight forwarding services to overseas for fragrances at this time. Whenever we start shipping via air, we will notify all of our customers. Some fragrances are permanently banded from shipping via air due to flash point.

*It is the responsibility of makers to ensure safety of final product containing the fragrance oil by conducting thorough testing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Beautiful, delicate, but not weak!

I purchased this one as part of the All the Moods collection. (For the record I only review fragrances I've poured, cured, and burn.) I burned this one in my EC26 wax without any additives after a 2 week cure. This fragrance is lovely. Like all of MWC's fragrances, it's hard to describe but it brought back memories of my first boyfriend as a teenager, holding hands, receiving my first real Valentine and first kiss. I'm not sure why but that's what I think of when I smell this one! It burns beautifully and with great HT for a small/medium sized room such as an office or bedroom. I did not try this one in a larger room since I feel it is a more intimate scent to begin with. (However, I did leave my bedroom door open and I could smell it halfway down the hallway!)

Aubrey M.
So so very unique!

This is so so amazing, I just can’t even. I want to call it “Speakeasy” just because of your description!

Very good

I really like this one. I wasn’t sure what to expect but to me this smells Angel but with that harsh tar note. I’m going to try blending it with another fragrance I got from here.

Jolan C.

Simply sophisticated. Simply sexy. This fragrance is both mysterious & Intriguing. Once again, MWC has set the luxury fragrance bar high...very high. Trust me, if you are not a fan pf patchoili, do not shun this one as it is a delicious fusion of Patchouli & Cocoa. The base notes hold down & keep the top notes from being to strong.

Reviewer avatar
Carmen C.
Sets the mood

Warm, cozy, sophisticated, sexy to name a few. This scent gives all the feels of a romantic candle lit dinner or even just cuddling up with your honey or even a solo self care day/night. Puts you in a moooood! Super dope scent that fills more than just the room. 💜