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Cozy Beach Villa Fragrance Oil


A unique perspective on how a luxury beach vacation scent should smell. The mood for this scent is an expensive Turk and Caicos Cabana with a private entrance to the beach front, an outdoor pebble stone shower and a jetted hot tub. This fragrance is dripping in beach side luxury.

The inspiration for this scent began with the thought  of visiting a luxe beach hotel in the wintertime and snuggling up in a cozy beach side cabana, entrenched in a comfy cashmere blanket because the ocean while nice to look at is too cold. So grab a bottle a journey with me.

The first notes that greet you are warm luxurious amber, airy ozone, a sea breeze accord and unexpected hints of a sweet scent that you can't quite put your finger on; that sweetness is toasted marshmallow 😉. The luxury continues with fresh lime blossom, blonde cedar and zesty grapefruit peel perfectly balanced to stimulate your senses and satisfy your olfactive desires. Step into a new experience and let your customers know that you stepped your game up. 


Mika's notes: This scent will be a crowd pleaser and the good news is that it can be marketed year-round. The hot throw is a chef's kiss. 

Fragrance notes:

Top: Grapefruit Peel, Lime Blossom, Seaside Breeze Accord
Mid: Toasted Marshmallow, Clove Bud
Base: French Vanilla, Sandalwood, Blonde Cedar, Amber

Flash Point 199.4°


Candle: Yes, 8-10%

Lotion: Yes, 1-2%

Perfume: No

Soap: Yes, 3-5%

Diffuser: No

Curing time: 1-2 weeks

Storage and Safety Precautions

Store in a cool dark place.

Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Wear protective gear when handling.

Keep away from open flames.

Do not ingest fragrance oil.

* Designed for use in candles, please check max fragrance load of your wax before using. 

Not approved for use in gel candles* 

Please test all products before selling to consumers.

All fragrances sold by Maryland Wax Club are uncut, phthalate and paraben free.


*** Shipping Note for fragrances Only:Unfortunately we do not offer shipping via Air or freight forwarding services to overseas for fragrances at this time. Whenever we start shipping via air, we will notify all of our customers. Some fragrances are permanently banded from shipping via air due to flash point.

*It is the responsibility of makers to ensure safety of final product containing the fragrance oil by conducting thorough testing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This almost had me in my knees it smells so good 😍

Elegant beach fragrance

There are some scents that just make you light up with excitement and ideas for that fragrance. This is one of them. This totally makes me think luxury beach villa and I LOVE it. Will be back for more.

Melissa J.

This has an amazing hot throw at 8% in EC26. It smells like I need to be on a tropical resort. Can't wait to add this to my line.