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Calming Elemi | Blood Orange + Clove Fragrance Oil


Introducing a new take on SPA fragrance oils! Calming Elemi + Blood Orange + Clove.

The scent of Elemi is warm, citrusy, spicy, medicinal and Balsamic. The Blood Orange provides a Mellowing effect and Clove delivers a cocoon of warmth.

This meditative fragrance oil was perfected with each additional layer of oakmoss, spun sugar, vetiver, bergamot and amber. 

The intention for this scent was a mellowing, blissful and meditative journey that provides an escape from the troubles of the world. I think we hit the nail on the head with this scent because the result is pure soothing, comforting niceness not to be compared with anything you have smelled before.

Short background: Manila Elemi is used in some cultures for medicinal and spiritual purposes and is a distant relative of Frankincense and Myrrh.


Mika's note: This oil is my new favorite, it's so additive and comforting, and it brings a smile to my face whenever i walk by my candle. I burn it daily. It's definitely not a traditional bright spa, airy scent, its warm, slightly sweet and medicinal. Put it in a candle before you judge it.

When you burn this you will want to call your masseuse asap.

Best Qualities: High end, complex, balanced and pleasing. This oil presents an opportunity for you to stand out as a creative that listens to what people are looking for and that's a calming escape from the troubles of the world.

Fragrance notes:

Top: Candied Blood Orange, Lemon Zest, Bergamot

Mid: Elemi, Clove, Lavender, Peppermint

Base: Vetiver, Oakmoss, Spun Sugar, Amber

Flash Point 171.68°


Candle: Yes, 8-10%

Lotion: Yes, 1-2%

Perfume: Yes ( Eau de toilette only) up to 15%

Soap: Yes

Diffuser: Yes

Note on usage section: This section is based on the ifra first then expected performance for a particular product. The usage section is meant to indicate whether the oil will perform at the amount that is customary for the product and is not too close to the ifra max.

For example, if the ifra max fir lotion is 3%, we won't recommend use in lotion as the max is too close to the 1-2% customary for lotion. We are conservative regarding skin irritation.

Another example is perfume; we may list the usage as NO even though there is an amount on the ifra. If the amount on the ifra is lower than 15%, more than likely the perfume will not perform. Yes, you can still use the oil but you would not be able to go over the ifra maximum.

Curing time: 1-2 weeks

Storage and Safety Precautions

Store in a cool dark place.

Keep out of reach of pets and small children.

Wear protective gear when handling.

Keep away from open flames.

Do not ingest fragrance oil.

* Designed for use in candles, please check max fragrance load of your wax before using. 

Not approved for use in gel candles* 

Please test all products before selling to consumers.

All fragrances sold by Maryland Wax Club are uncut, phthalate and paraben free.


*** Shipping Note for fragrances Only: Unfortunately we do not offer shipping via Air or freight forwarding services to overseas for fragrances at this time. Whenever we start shipping via air, we will notify all of our customers. Some fragrances are permanently banded from shipping via air due to flash point.

*It is the responsibility of makers to ensure safety of final product containing the fragrance oil by conducting thorough testing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Arthea G.

This fragrance is very soothing , relaxing. I LOVE LOVE IT !! WILL be adding to my line.


This fragrance is very calming but has a sweet vibe . It’s truly a vibe. This burns beautifully in wax. Adding this to my line. Very much recommend

Carleasa W.
Another one!

This is a very calming scent in my opinion. It’s a great compliment to the patchouli coco. Nice and earthy. Can’t wait to try it in candles and melts.

Smells like car freshener

I was excited to try this fragrance oil.
I smell the top note of a very sweet orange. The FO itself smells from the bottle like heavy car freshener, that gives a light headache. Nothing special and luxury about this fragrance at all. I wouldn’t use it in my candles.

She gets it!

The complexity and beauty of these oils are just top notch.
I can't wait to use this one in a candle. I know my customers are going to love it.