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C55 Coconut Tart Wax for Wax melts

45 lb

Caluxe Coconut Tart Wax is a specially formulated blend, specifically designed as a cube wax. It has characteristics that enable it to carry high fragrance loads. This formulation exhibits an excellent throw. It is also smooth and creamy and will exhibit color well. 

This tart wax also has a very small amount of refined food grade paraffin wax to help with wax performance. 

* This wax was not designed to be used in containers

Max fragrance load: 10% 
Melt Point: 125- 130 F

Heat to 200 F

Mix fragrance between 190-200, some mix immediately.

Pour temp is determined by the material you are pouring into. Clamshells usually have a recommended pour temp around 145-170. Please see your clamshell vendor's product description for exact heat tolerance. You can pour at 170 and above in silicone.

Curing: recommend 1 week

This wax comes in slab form in 5 lb increments (weight is approximate). It is easy to cut with a soap/wax cutter or a regular knife.

Sourced directly from the  manufacturer CALWAX who is the trademark owner. Blend created with FDA approved waxes. Maryland Wax Club cannot change the formula for this wax as we are not the trademark owners and do not own the formula. If we ever switch sources we will make an announcement.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nitra Powell
Wax Melts

I changed up how I was doing wax melts and tried the C55 Coconut Tart Wax and absolutely love it! They are very beautiful out of the molds. I get all wax from Maryland Wax Club!

Krystal Dowling
Love this wax for melts

I love taking my wax melts out of the molds. It is extremely satisfying and the melts look gorgeous! Love that I can support a fellow Maryland business and get it in my own State instead of across the country!

Glenn Isaac
Candle making Journey

I bought a candle making kit on Amazon, although I have never made candles before, I am a visual artist with lots of arts supplies so I sensed the supplies in that kit weren't top quality. I just did a Google search and ordered from Maryland Wax Club for the first time. I am going to make wax melts this weekend and can't wait. I will order more wax from you this month.

Gillian Frank
Love this wax

Enjoy using this wax.makes beautiful wax melts.


Love the wax Thanks for delivery